Candyland Forest Bath Fizz


Take a breath and relax as the steam whisks you away into a Christmas candy forest that will leave kisses all along your skin!


What child (or child at heart) doesn’t dream of skipping down the sweet lane of a Candyland Forest filled with peppermint stick trees, gumdrop bushes, and syrupy river flowing close by? Have we got a ticket for you!

These bath fizz options provide all the smelling sensation of such a delightful moment, with all the cleansing of a traditional bath bomb as it bubbles and tickles away all the dirt, oil, and grime from the skin. And made from ingredients that are all detailed out for you, you don’t have to worry about any mysterious chemicals or fragrances…you’ll know exactly what is working while you relax.

Each of the bath bombs, bottles of fizz, and seasonal floats come with a coin buried within it from somewhere around the world. The coins are chosen randomly, and can be exchanged with your local financial exchange source (often a bank in your area) or kept and added to your own coin collection.

*Small Bombs, weighing in at 3.5 ozs, are great for a small/short bath with a fizz that generally lasts around 3 minutes.
*Large Bombs, weighing in at a generous 9 ozs each, are an amazing fizz perfect for those longer baths by giving about an 8 minutes fizz and dance.
*Fizz Bottles, weighing in net at 4.5 ozs, are refillable and make for the most amazing way to measure out just exactly how much you want at any given time during your bath to refresh the smell and fizz or even just close back up again until a later time entirely while keeping everything as fresh as the first time you opened the lid. The jar itself is a thick glass, so perfect for use and reuse. (Refills will be added to the listings soon!)

Wholesale and custom orders are accepted with all of our bath fizz products. To place such an order, please contact us at