We’re going on a Gremlin hunt….want to come find the prizes?

Yayyy!!! We’re finally launching the website! Oh my, we’re sooo excited! However, we’ve had some silly and even nasty little surprises pop up as will often happen. As soon as we would get excited about being able to launch, similar to the nasty surprises waiting for adventurers of ages past whenever they would try to start off on a new quest. All it would take is a true hero to step up, find and slay the gremlins causing the mischief, and off they would all go to glory!

Well we are smart enough to recognize that there are all kinds of mistakes, broken links, and random kinks with this new website. So we’re going to invite y’all to be our heroes and join us on our hunt as we chase them all down. This hunt comes with prizes, too, but you have to be fast and catch them before anyone else!

*For every 15 new spelling/grammar mistake (someone can’t have reported it before you), you get a $.50 credit off your next order.
*For every newly reported broken link or website kink, you’ll have another $.50 credit.
*For every 10 corrected rewrites, another $.50 credit.
*For every corrected broken link or website kink, you’ll have between a $1 credit up to $10 (this is to be negotiated by need, timing, and accuracy).

To report any of these or offer suggested replacements or corrections and claim your prizes, all you need to do is send us an email to support@handcrafterslair.com. We will get back to you as quickly as we’re able to verify the mistakes/corrections to be the original one reporting them including those credit codes to use when placing an order.

Hey, no one is perfect and we are the first to admit that while we make some pretty terrific things we’re certainly not the best at everything. But we decided a long time ago that if we can’t be the best, we’ll be the ones to find the best and start finding ways to work, play, and reward them. So the question we’re asking you is…are you ready to be rewarded for being better than we are with hunting down those pesky website gremlins? (Now….where did my salt gun go……)

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