Spice is making…??

Spice’s Kitchen is our bakery service, and there is almost always something new coming each week. How to stay on top of it all so you can get the practical things you love like fresh cottage bread or flaky buttermilk biscuits and find the new things to indulge with like a pomegrante-lime mille crepe or cheesy cranberry pecan braid?

This week, we’re introducing our weekly delivery service or Subscriptions. Each of these bundles will have a freshly prepared bundle delivered directly to your door on a weekly basis, so you know all your practical needs are being met without having to worry about adding them to your grocery list. The bundles will have some standard items that are regular-service goods such as a fresh loaf of cottage bread, and also the addition of goodies and treats based upon your preferences to keep things interesting, seasonally applicable, and as fresh as we can make it available to you. So now you have the answer for how to save your dietary needs that keep your mouth happy and the calories worth it…without the additional stress of constantly having to remember such things when you are at the store and keeping it within budget!

And those indulgences that we all crave? It is a very simple thing to add them to your weekly delivery simply by ordering them directly via the Marketplace workshop or by contacting us through email, phone, or one of our social media pages. Each month will have different specialties introduced with the month’s menu, and even sometimes (special for our friends) we’ll have a stock of things that will be possible to order as produce and ingredients become available for a short time as well.

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