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Hey there, welcome to our crazy corner! We’re so glad you stopped in! Feeling a little curious about what the Silverleaf Farm really is? (Given the way it keeps getting mentioned with Spice’s Kitchen and such, we don’t blame you!)

Everyone has their list of things that make them think of home. For some it is the rumble of the city traffic starting up, for some it is the birds singing in the trees at the park just around the corner. For others it is the feel of the sun warming their face .

For us, it is the cut grass dancing in the canyon breezes, the smells of fresh baked bread mixed with the taste of fresh peas or crisp apples, or the colors of lavender, roses, and pansies, and the sounds of kids playing in the yard while stories are told over the hearth.

The Silverleaf Farm is a micro-urban farm in Hyrum, Utah which means that it is nestled at the southern end of our beautiful Cache Valley. (Yep, believe it or not….this little plot is even registered with the Utah Department of Ag & Food!) It all happens on the 1/3 of an acre plot which also houses our 5 ring family circus. It is the primary source for all of the fresh gourmet goodies you find with Spice’s Kitchen and many of the botanicals in Suds on the Scent’s incredible smells. It has proven an intriguing living experiment on blending a restaurant source, family garden, and edible landscape mixed with family living and playing.

While we’re often entirely too happy to show everyone around the farm, given current pandemic constraints and transportation limitations we figured we’d use the blog to introduce y’all (don’t worry, there’s more stuff coming as well and it won’t hurt our feelings if you skip the farming tidbits to play at the Storyteller’s Hearth or browse at the Marketplace instead, hahaha).

This is all beginning during the sleeping season at the farm, when everything is tucked in under blankets of snow and stars, moon, and sun glide through their soft dance steps. So while the plants, seeds, and soil all slumber, we’re planning and plotting for the coming season. There’s so much that is waiting for the applicable time to be announced, it is hard sometimes to remember that we can’t just charge out to grab a shovel and gloves! And hey, at least at this time if there’s something particular that you would like to have access to….you have the full opportunity to drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter anytime! (Or sign up for the newsletter we’ll use to help announce when new items are available or new stories are waiting to be heard.)

What does that mean for you? Well, to sum it up as best we can, Silverleaf Farm is truly a living experiment. Each year finds us learning new things about different varieties of both traditional and non-traditional plantings. It also means that you get to see what happens as we experiment so you can join us for the journey (or learn from our past experiences) to find different bits to try yourselves (or avoid like the plague, haha). You’ll quickly find that while we have our own history of being volun-told as kids to help our family and neighbors with their agricultural efforts mixed with a little university training and master gardener work, this is a mixed effort of amateur and professional.

So having said all of that, consider yourselves given a rough intro to our starting point and a preview of where we’re heading. We can’t wait to see what you might have to contribute, for what you have experienced is just as much a part of the story as what we have! If you would like to make any suggestions, please don’t hesitate (though we might quote some…or edit some…to keep things positive and family friendly, haha). Until then, we hope you keep your happily-ever-after growing!

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