Starving Student Weekly Pickup Subscription


If you’re looking to save yourself that little bit more, but know just how valuable it is to have your own fresh, healthy bakes and treats regularly available….then check into this one.



Perfect for those living on an extremely tight budget without the time or space to make their own fresh, healthy bakes and treats who are willing to do a little extra to save themselves even more. This includes a weekly bundle of 1 (.75 oz) individual loaf of fresh cottage bread plus a weekly rotation of 1 bottle of specialty jam, a candy, an individual baked treat, and a single serve of one of our delicious desserts or specialty bakes.

All of our subscription prices are set on a monthly rate, which means you are able to try this service out for a full month before you’d need to resubscribe (though you’ll find the options available to order multiple months in blocks as well). If you would like to change your subscription to a different size/component before the month is out, we ask that you give it at least 2 weeks to verify first and then we can shift according to need. Please remember the 24 hour notice policy if such is your desire. You can also order additional items for each bundle for a 1 week addition simply by placing that additional order here on the website or contacting us via facebook, instagram, or twitter at least 24 hours before your pickup time. If it is outside of your normal block, we can also deliver your items during our regular delivery times.

Appointed pickup blocks are selected when you order, so be certain to have your best time block chosen. If you need to change it, please be sure to notify us (and get confirmation of it being received) at least 24 hours in advance to keep your bakes as fresh as possible. If you are looking to save a little more time with your order, you can have  your weekly bundle delivered instead (the listing is the other one with a similar name; if you don’t see it, please let us know and we’ll get the listing to you directly…hahaha, and make sure our links are better set up). We’ve arranged a pickup point at the Utah Artisan Mercantile at 1111 N 800 E, Logan (in Blue Square across from the USU football stadium) and it will be ready for you including having your name attached during your chosen block time.

We know that life (and holidays) happen and can get in the way. If you will be gone during the time of your normal delivery, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance to arrange for a different day for that week. You can also choose to have a week’s subscription given to another, with the same notice policy. If no one is available at time of delivery, we will hold your bundle for 1 further day before we donate it either to the USU SNAC pantry or to the Cache Valley Food Pantry so please chat with us about it as quickly as you can.