Pomegranate Lime Mille Crepe *OUT OF STOCK*


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Sometimes, finding a red-white-green combination treat for the holidays gets a little weird. But layering the earthy-tart pomegranate red with a bright-tangy lime between a rich and creamy crepe is the beginning of heaven. When you stack all of them into a mille crepe, you find yourself enjoying a slice of heaven!

Mille crepe is essentially a stack of crepes with a cream filling in between them. These crepes are a rich blend of butter, eggs, and milk which really combines with all of the creamy and bright in beautifully elegant ways. The filling is a smooth, whipped cream with juices and zest folded in and layered to boost all the flavors together. This particular combination is a seasonal blend for the holiday season, but other fillings are available upon request.

These come as a choice of 2 sizes. The first is a 6 inch round, 3 inch tall cake, a perfect size for a couple or even individual. The second is a 9 inch, 6 inch tall cake that is a terrific size for a family or group service.

This dessert can be customized and is also available for wholesale. If interested in such, contact us at sales@handcrafterslair.com