Copper Byzantine Rose Chainmaille Set


Based upon the metalworking styles found in Byzantine and Moorish cultures, this bracelet is a beautifully light hand spun and woven copper rope that is delightfully flexible and elegant shine.


Ready for a classic, light touch of elegance that plays along your wrist? Do we have a favorite to share with you!

The Byzantine empire was famous for it’s metalworks, including a fascinating array of jewelry styles. This rope-style weave is a favorite blending of the byzantine rope weave and a Moorish rose, yielding a beautiful blend that is surprisingly light and flexible as well as customizable. Choose the length you prefer between a bracelet (usually about 7 inches), an anklet (usually about 9 inches), or necklace lengths (either 16 inch or 20 inch). Each of the lengths of chainmaille come with an adjustable length of additional lead to keep these industry standard sizes applicable to your own unique measurements and preference.

This particular listing is directly for a lovely jewelry-grade copper which is hand spun and cut before weaving and polishing.

This is a style that is customizable. Chainmaille lengths can be simply customized (costs depend on the length desired), and there can also be a blending of different metals or colors. To place a custom order, simply email for further details.

Wholesale orders of this style is also available. Simply email for further details.