Cheesy Cranberry Pecan Bread *OUT OF STOCK*


Buttery baked cranberries and ooooh, that blend of roasted pecan and tangy cheddar in a soft white bread!

Out of stock



This is one that is ready to make you drool just from the smells, never mind what happens when you get to taste the buttery baked cranberries. And ooooh, that blend of roasted pecan and tangy cheddar! All combined with a soft, yeasty bread that gives a tremendous pull-apart texture which you can choose between tearing off a hunk to enjoy or slice the perfect piece.

This comes only in a specialty braided loaf that weighs in at a hefty 3 pounds of delightful. It can be customized and sold wholesale. If you are interested in such, please contact us at

These loaves are a seasonal treat, so be sure to claim yours quickly before they are gone!