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There is something incredibly magical when a high quality chocolate combines with a sweet cream syrup in the form of an indulgent American tradition. It’s almost like someone waves a wand over your senses and you get transported to a different time or place, which frequently brings smiles and the sound of giggles.

We might not be able to guarantee all of that with each small or large bite of fudgy goodness, but we can say that every time we make these it is with that in mind. Ok, and in truth the ways that the smells that come when you combine berries, citrus, mint, cinnamon, and the rest with the high quality chocolates used for these is truly a heavenly mix! We’d love to be able to share all of that with you and help your favorite people! Just fill out the form linked below and we’ll happily swing all of this your direction!

To place an order, click HERE to fill out the form. To see the full menu of options, keep reading.

To help everyone be on the same playing field, as it were, there are just a few items of business to address:
*Delivery for Spice’s Kitchen is free anywhere in Cache Valley or Brigham City on Saturdays, though if you’d like to have your sweet treats delivered to you faster than that we can accommodate. Rush orders do come with an additional $4 charge, however, so please be aware of that.
*Gift wrapping is also an option. (Hey, who doesn’t have fun getting to unwrap a boxed mystery?) Again, there is an additional charge of $2 for this one but is simple to check the mark in the form.
*Hand written cards are just a perfect bow on an elaborately wrapped gift and lovely to receive, but not everyone has the time for such. So we’re offering to help you out by writing your card(s) for you to include with your fudge surprises. Cost is only $2 per card.
*Custom cater orders for fudge are available upon request, within limits. To help you prepare for your special service, whether it be a wedding reception or a family party, please be sure to contact us so we can dress things up to most closely match what you have in mind. You can contact us at (435) 512-8160 or sales@handcrafterslair.com so you can be confident your own magic will sparkle.
*Prices for fudge is based upon an 8 ounce box. That’s an entire half pound of indulgent luxury just waiting for you to claim and even to mix with multiple flavors to enjoy when you order the larger quantities! Prices are $10 per 8 oz box.

To fill out an order form, click HERE or keep reading to see the full list of flavor options.

As was said earlier, we may not be able to guarantee a smile or giggle with every nibble or bite but we sure try to bring the best to be enjoyed by you and yours. Each flavor gets highlighted on our social media pages as we add a new one to the menu (so be sure to go and follow us by clicking HERE), but as things stand to start with right now you can choose between the following:
*Granny’s Traditional- Imagine getting a traditional “milk chocolate” approach to fudge that is silky-smooth and truly melts in your mouth that comes from your grandmother’s kitchen. You’d be surprised how well this one fits, or so we keep being told!
*Lil’ Nutty– Some people claim that a “traditional fudge” isn’t really complete until you get to enjoy some toasted walnut crunch with your creamy, rich fudge. Just for all those who agree, you’ll find this a terrific fit!
*Candy Cane-What is it about a holiday candy cane that brings to mind a walk along a velvety chocolate river? Whatever it is, you’ll find a fun mix waiting for you with this fudge that comes with a crust of scattered candy cane crumbles!
*Berries n Cream– You know that summer sensation that comes with a bowl of berries and cream? Imagine being able to feel that play across your senses even as the creamy white chocolate melts on your tongue. That’s what you get to enjoy here, with the freeze dried raspberry crust and raspberry syrup swirled with a creamy white chocolate fudge!
*Creme de Menthe– Get ready to indulge in the artisanal blend of sweet creaminess and cool mint with this sublime fusion that whispers of a snow day fun! You’ll find a crust of candied mint straight from the farm boosting the flavors swirled in each creamy bite.
*Cookies & Cream– You know those childhood memories of getting to dip a crunchy Oreo cookie in milk? Well, get ready to close your eyes and indulge in a taste of nostalgia as you bite into this union of crumbling cookie and creamy vanilla.
*Chai Spice– Welcome to the heady moment when sweet indulgence ripples with warm, exotic spices! With an herb and spice blend created originally within Spice’s Kitchen, prepare for a delightfully unique taste experience!
*Darkish– Calling all dark chocolate lovers! While there isn’t such a thing as a truly dark chocolate fudge (hey, fudge is made from sugars and creams right?), this special Madagascar chocolate that we’ve found gives the sweet as well as the dry bite that lingers on the consciousness like your favorite mystery.
*Drowned Cinnamon Bears– Close your eyes and taste a meeting of rich shadow and bright spice. This is a fudge that requires a little more effort to balance for some, but when those cute little cinnamon bears go swimming in a deep chocolate what else could you expect but a flavor that leads to a sensory adventure? Experience it for yourself!
*Orange Truffle– Are you waiting for a way to wake your taste buds up while still soaking in a rich, luxurious chocolate? Crusted with candied orange peel crumbles, this is a confection that will surprise you even as it tempts you for yet another bite!

Have you picked out the flavors and textures you’re ready to luxuriate in? Just click HERE to claim your opportunity!

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