Gather ’round the Storyteller, here by the hearth….

” Once upon a time, a not so long time ago….”
These words have been used for longer than civilizations have been keeping records of the tales, but the tales kept the memories and hearts of communities alive and moving in better and better directions. The really good tales, though, are ones which sink so deeply into our hearts that our minds are carried forward. 

Are you one of the people who feels inspired to use your itching fingers to spell out the words and encourage those tales to sink into the hearts of others? We would love to be able to support your efforts, and get your stories in front of all the amazing people who come to enjoy with the Handcrafter’s Lair!

To see your folklore or fan fiction published so that everyone gets to enjoy together isn’t going to cost you anything….really. That means you still get to keep your publication rights, your academic publication claims, and all the rest. We do not charge you any fees, either. We do, however, have guidelines for submissions and are selective about what we publish. Please be sure to read through the guidelines that follow carefully to make sure that you fulfill each of the requirements for publication by becoming a registered member. (If you aren’t sure you understand, please simply contact us directly at ) If you are ready to agree to these, then come join in the fun at (facebook link to group) and send in those story submissions!

1- Dedicate to maintaining positive interactions with the other authors, artists, and artisans on the website. (Just remember what Thumper’s father taught: “If you can’t say nuffin’ nice, don’t say nuffin’ at all.”)
2- to promote a positive momentum of attention for each of our authors, we ask that you leave at least 1 comment a week (or 5 a month) on something produced by a different author than yourself.
3- Remember how we said you keep the publishing rights? We mean that, and absolutely want to promote your work to everyone who will enjoy them. To make that as fully accessible as possible, we offer to anyone who submits to record an audio version of your story which would then be distributed and utilized for all to enjoy with the publications on our website along with your published story.
4- while we are eager to support the artistic fields, we do have to maintain particular standards to keep our website applicable to the settings and audience that we are creating. In other words, please remember to keep your stories acceptable for all ages and circumstances.
5-The one other aspect of this is regarding legal agreements. Anyone submitting a piece (whether written, photograph, art, or product) is responsible for meeting the requirements of proprietary law. In other words, you are agreeing to abide by our DMCA policy. 

So what villain is about to jump off your page, or hero is ready to create the next heart stopping moment? Come join us at the Storyteller’s Hearth and share those adventures!

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