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While we love what we do and have found it to offer a great deal of benefit to those interested…we know full well that not everyone really wants another project to make (or even learn to make), another class to take, or “stuff”….but they still want to be able to see their money do some good. If this describes you, then feel free to just click on one of the Paypal or Venmo buttons to donate directly to Elliot the Mighty’s fight. The money from these goes directly into the accounts set up by Elliot’s parents.

To see how the funds are used, be sure to head over to Elliot the Mighty’s instagram account so you can see the intensive therapies, equipment, and improvements that are happening as this incredible 1 in 1,000,000 little guy continues to amaze!

If you are curious to see what kinds of “projects to make, class to” take, or treasure we’re offering to help raise these funds ourselves to help you while helping Elliot, check out our Intro to Nancy’s Hugs article or the Patterns or Auctions and Events sections of the website.

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