Calling all Makers, Artisans, Crafters, and Hobbyists….we’re building our Beta Testers group!

Do you love to crochet and are you comfortable with reading patterns or tutorials? Do you thrill at watching as thread and fabric become pieces of art under your fingers? Or do you really get to relax and enjoy as smells waft or the kitchen creating sings your name? Or do you just love getting to help creating? We’d love to have you join our testing team! 

To do so, we are asking that you answer some questions. This questionnaire is strictly a series of questions so that the patterns offered to you will be more in line with what you are more likely to enjoy and use yourselves without having to make an extra effort. We will *not* give your information to anyone else, nor use it to spam you. Your information will only be used for these purposes unless you indicate you want it used otherwise (such as signing up for our newsletter).  Click here to get to the questionnaire.

Benefits include getting early and free access to the crochet and embroidery designs/tutorials created for Made by Stitches and Nancy’s Hugs, or kitchen tutorials from Spice’s Kitchen as well as being credited when the given patterns/tutorials are released. Credit is given within the product descriptions, social media announcements, specific blog articles, and if a YouTube video is made about the design. At times we will also be doing things like exclusive giveaways and contests specifically for those who test (and report) on specific patterns or collections which will be announced within our Beta Testers facebook group and the newsletter. To find the patterns/tutorials we’re putting up for testing (as well as just a fun way to share your projects and ask any questions you have) is to join our Beta Testers group on Facebook. This group is for all of our Beta Testers (including for folks doing beta testing for Spice’s Kitchen, Suds on the Scent, Silver’s Chainz, or Stash’s Escapes). Just a reminder: to be accepted into the Facebook group, you need to complete the questionnaire which you can find by clicking here or copy/paste this link into your browser:

We totally understand that things change and you might want to excuse yourself from being part of the Beta Testing lists in the future. (Sometimes we fall out of love with ourselves, too….it is part of life). If you wish to be removed from this group at any time, please email us at or text/direct message us via your favorite given platform we’re active on. 

One critical understanding about this that MUST be understood is that by participating in the Beta Testers group (in other words: by testing a pattern or tutorial), you agree to abide by the rules we set out regarding protecting the commercial interests of the Handcrafter’s Lair, LLC and all of the family or products as well as their business partners. This means you will not share *any part* of any of the tutorials, designs, products, or services which you are given to test out (including failed or rejected parts) unless you first get written permission via email, letter, or other documented means. This includes selling finished products before we’ve been able to launch the designs ourselves, or trading them for personal gain. We also ask that you give credit to the applicable original when you finish (or even while you’re working on) things and show them off. We’d love to see these used and shared or gifted to others, but please respect our need to pay our bills the same as you do.

Thanks again for your interest and support, we’re really excited to get to work with you! You can find the questionnaire at:

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